Matilda in the Mountains



 What is a consignment sale? A consignment sale is a place for people just like you and me to turn your clutter into cash. A consignment sale is open during a designated time frame to the public so that people can come in and purchase your used boutique clothing and shoes. Consigners who enter inventory into our sale will make 80% to 85% of their profits. After the sale, all consigners will receive a check in the mail for their earnings and will come back to pick up items that were not purchased. For shoppers, consignment sales are a great opportunity to buy boutique items at discounted prices and for consignors they are a great way to get rid of clothes and shoes that you and your family have outgrown and turn them into cash!

How to earn 85% of your sales? Volunteer at least 2 shifts. Don’t have time to volunteer ? that’s okay! you still will make 80%!

How soon will consigners receive their check? Within 2 weeks (mailed to the address provided in consignor registration.)

Can items be donated at the end of sale? Absolutely! we accept all donated items!

When can I pick up my items? Pick ups will be Saturday Sept 14th from 3:00pm-4:00pm, all items not picked up by 4:00pm on Sunday will be brought back with us and may be picked up at a later date in Grayson. If you can not make it back to pick up your items you may have someone else pick up for you at the end of the sale. You will need to let us know their name and they will have to provide photo ID in order to pick up your unsold items.

Do you accept all clothing at the sale? We accept anything and everything Matilda Jane ANY season, ANY condition! Other boutique brands must be IN season (for example) during the FALL sale we will not accept (swimsuits, tank tops, shorts, sandals, holiday outfits such as 4th of July, Easter,) that aren't Matilda Jane. During the SPRING sale we will not accept (heavy sweaters, coats, fleece, boots, and holiday outfits such as Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years).

How do I tag multiple piece outfits? Make sure all clothing articles are secure on the hanger: use safety pins to hang pants at the top of hanger: put the shirt over the hanger with pants underneath (or hang pants on the back of hanger, facing out) pin socks to the top of the hanger etc. If there is a headband or other accessories, they could be put in a baggie SEALED with tape, and attached to the hanger with a zip-tie. Just make sure ALL items are SECURED with masking tape, safety pins or zip-ties so there is no chance of them coming loose.

Can I put clothing in plastic bags? No, if you can hang it, put it on a hanger. Bagged items do not sell well and hidden stains are not fair to the person buying the item. Many will not buy bagged clothing because they cannot inspect the entire item.

Is there a limit on the number of items I can sell? No, as long as your items are boutique items that meet our acceptance criteria for that particular season/sale, we will take as many as you want to bring!

How do I tag my shoes? Zip-tie shoes together (if at all possible, through lace holes, buckles, zippers etc.). or place shoes in a sealed Ziploc bag (if they are small enough). Punch holes in your tag and thread it through the zip tie. OR if putting in a plastic bag, tape the tag to the outside of the bag (make sure that the top of the shoes are still visible to the shopper.

What kind of paper can I use to print my tags? We require that you use CARDSTOCK only, #65 or #110. White is preferred. but light colored cardstock is accepted. NO shiny or metallic paper. NO DARK COLORED cardstock, example royal blue, navy, red etc. (The barcoding scanners will not scan.) Beware of textured cardstock; the toner printing can rub off.